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Headlight Restoration

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Headlight Restoration in Toronto

Did you know that headlight restoration is the most overlooked service in car maintenance? As a rule of thumb, the cleaner your headlights are, the better visibility you will have regardless of the time or day you’re driving. So why take the chance of driving with foggy headlights?

RedFox Car Detailing headlight restoration service is the affordable way to improve your vehicle’s safety without total replacement of your headlights in Toronto. We use professional techniques and products to completely restore your headlights to an almost new condition. Restoring headlights and headlight cleaning can be added to any of our other packages to ensure you get the performance you need to fit your budget and schedule.

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What Is Headlight Restoration?

As a car ages, the materials covering the bulb can become dingy or “foggy.” The headlight lenses can become discoloured or dull from oxidation due to the sun’s UV rays, debris, rain and snow. This dullness not only affects the appearance of the car, but it can dim the brightness of headlights.70% of visibility can be lost with foggy headlights. By waiting too long, the headlights can eventually develop small surface cracks which will make it harder to see and for other drivers to see you. At RedFox Car Detailing, we restore the clarity and brilliance of car headlights to its original pristine condition.

Why Headlight Restoration Is Vital for Driving Safety?

Most headlights are made out of strong polycarbonate plastic. This means that over time, the material will start to react to everyday pollutants, eventually oxidizing due to UV rays and other car cleaning products. This results in “foggy” headlights and simultaneously can be dangerous for driving with reduced headlight visibility.

Signs You Should Bring Your Car to Our Experts

If you notice that your headlights have become more yellow than a bright white, it means your car’s headlights are significantly dimmer and much more easily diffused while driving. Without investing in proper headlight restoration or replacement, it can greatly affect your driving visibility and experience even if your vehicle has been maintained with the highest safety standards. 

Here are the signs to look out for that you need headlight restoration:

  • Headlights aren’t as bright as they used to be
  • Headlights have a dull haze
  • Headlight produces a yellowish tint 
  • Headlights have noticeable scratches that hinder the view of the bulb
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Benefits of Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration is often the most overlooked car detailing service for many drivers. Our team is ready to service your vehicle and you can benefit from:

  • Increase the value of your vehicle as it will not only look but perform better
  • Remove headlight scratches from road debris
  • Improved visibility after the lenses are cleaned. Fogginess in headlights is caused by moisture
  • Save money by not having to buy new, costly headlights and paying for installation services
  • Fixing the problem early prevents further damages. If there is too much moisture build up which causes oxidation within the headlights, you will most likely have to pay for the entire light replacement

Trust the Pros

Don’t compromise your safety with foggy headlights. Our team of car detailing professionals will have your vehicle not only looking its best but also improving its performance. We are committed to providing you with 100% customer satisfaction with every service we provide. Contact us today to book your next headlight restoration appointment!