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Large SUV Detailing

Large SUVs make off-roading adventures possible and provide great comfort with rugged style. Those roomy interiors and treks down roads less traveled also make for a huge cleaning job.  We love hitting the trails with our SUVs but dust, dirt and mud mean shiny vehicles start to look dull quickly. 

At Car Detailing, we understand what it takes to get your SUV looking its best no matter how many dirt roads and steep mountains you take on. Our large SUV detailing packages will not only restore the look of your vehicle but also improve the safety and comfort of your driving experience. 

Find out how we can make your SUV better inside and out by calling today!

How long does Large SUV detailing take?

Detailing time varies depending on the services you choose and the size of your vehicle. Here are the times you can expect for our most common packages.


Interior Detailing

This is the quickest detailing package but also one of the most important as it can reduce bacteria, allergens and odors from the inside of your car. For this package you can expect around a two hour time estimate.


Exterior Detailing

Our exterior detailing lets your car shine. With this package, we polish and wax your vehicle’s paint to remove minor scratches and swirl marks. Like the interior detailing option, this will typically take around two hours or up to two and a half hours.


Interior and Exterior Detailing

We offer two customizable interior and exterior detailing packages. These include detailing for both the inside and outside of your vehicle. For our most comprehensive combination interior and exterior detailing expect around three to four hours in total. We also offer our showroom ready package which restores your car’s shine but is not geared towards deep cleaning. This package will take around two and half hours.


Extra Time for Extra Services

Car Detailing allows you to customize your SUV and large car detailing with our add-on services. Each service will add time to your total interior and exterior detailing. In most cases, multiple services can be done simultaneously so your total time will only be changed by minutes. Your technician will provide a full time estimate after you have chosen your preferred services.

Add On Services for Large SUV Detailing

Reduce Allergens​

Ozone Generator

Get rid of even the most unpleasant smells with our ozone generator service. This is the most effective method for odor removal and can be customized based on how strong and difficult the odor is. Nearly all odors will be covered by our standard price but some exceptions may apply for extreme odors such as the smell of skunk. Your technician will discuss this with you before services are performed.

Tire Change​

Tire Change

Car Detailing’s mobile large SUV detailing includes expert tire change services. For a standard tire change, you can skip the trip to the auto repair shop when we come to you!

Pet Hair Removal

Pet Hair Removal

Is your backseat starting to look hairier than man’s best friend? If so, our expert pet hair removal is the perfect way to refresh your car and reduce allergens. With pet hair and dander being among the most common allergens, this is an important step to ensure you and your passengers can avoid watering eyes, itchy skin and more.

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Headlight Restoration

Headlights are often one of the parts of our cars we do not think about until something is wrong. However, a buildup of dirt and contaminants on the outside of your headlights can reduce visibility without your notice. Headlight restoration removes this dirt to restore the look and functionality of your headlights. Our headlight restoration is included in our full interior and exterior detailing package. It can also be added to any of our other packages.

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Treatment with Clay Bar

Clay bars have the unique ability to remove debris and contaminants from your car’s exterior. Removing these pollutants will improve the look of your car and help protect your color base coat and the clear coat over it. This affordable treatment is only required twice a year to fully achieve optimal results.

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Note on Add-on Services

You can add on one, two or all extra services to any package deal. Further customization can be achieved by adding the services included in our New Car package to other packages. This includes the headlight restoration, exterior plastic detailing, and clay bar treatment.

What Can Interior and Exterior Detailing Do for Your Car

Our vehicles work hard and detailing ensures we not only have SUVs that look nice, but are safe and comfortable. Detailing services like odor removal, pet hair removal and sanitation can transform your driving experience. With proper detailing you will notice that your car smells better, contains less allergens and may even function more efficiently. 
Services like headlight restoration and engine detailing in particular can improve safety and save you money by helping you avoid more costly fixes. Detailing also helps preserve your paint and restore your car’s interior surfaces which can increase resale value.
  • Reduce allergens in car interior
  • Help your engine run more efficiently
  • Restore interior and exterior finishes
  • Remove bacteria and germs 
  • Create a more enjoyable and safer driving experience
  • Increase trade-in and resale value
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Car Detailing’s mobile large car detailing is the convenient and affordable way to get your car looking great and running well. Our fully mobile detailing units bring everything we need to your home or business.  To learn more about any of our services and to schedule an appointment, call us at 416-650-5483.