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Minivan Detailing in North York and Toronto

Minivan detailing is an important part of keeping your vehicle safe, clean and retaining value. With Car Detailing’s comprehensive interior and exterior detailing packages you can ensure your minivan is clean inside and out. 

To find out more about our value packages for mobile minivan detailing, call us at 416-650-5483.

Interior and Exterior Detailing for Minivans

Car Detailing knows you spend a lot of time in your vehicle and we want to do our part to ensure you are comfortable and safe. Each of our minivan detailing packages is designed to improve your driving experience plus the look and functionality of your vehicle. Consider these package options for your next minivan detailing:


Only Interior Detailing

Our shampoo treatment for your minivan’s interior helps to remove stains from cloth upholstery and recondition leather upholstery. All other interior surfaces get the royal treatment as well, including the inside of your windows and trunk.


Only Exterior Detailing

Our exterior minivan detailing buffs and polishes away all minor scuffs, scratches and swirls. Exterior services also include tire detailing, wax, and engine detailing.


Interior and Exterior Detailing

Get our complete interior and exterior detailing package for the best deal and greatest shine. This comprehensive package includes everything from the interior and exterior detailing packages along with extras like headlight restoration.


Add-On Services

We offer several add-on services for all our packages so you can customize your minivan detailing. This includes pet hair removal, odor removal, headlight restoration and tire changes.

Why Minivan Detailing is Important

If you’re like most minivan owners, you and your family treat your vehicle like a second home. While a minivan’s roomy interior makes a great place for eating on the go meals and transporting your kids, pets and grocery hauls, it also leaves a lot of space for dirt and germs to hide. 

Literally hundreds of bacteria strains can be lurking on your car’s surfaces at any time. Though most are harmless, the few that can make you sick are a real problem. For health and safety purposes, interior detailing will help

Reduce Allergens​

Reduce Allergens

Both indoor and outdoor allergens can make their way into your vehicle. Though many will not be greatly affected by this, those with breathing issues and specific allergies can be. Our thorough interior detailing helps to remove and reduce dust, dirt and other allergens that can affect your breathing.

Pet Hair Removal

Remove Pet Hair

Pet hair and dander are among the most common allergens. Our special pet hair removal service is ideal for removing hard to clean fur, dander and pet odors.

Engine Detailing​

Engine Detailing

Few drivers think about their engine until there is a problem, but this can lead to bigger expenses and inconveniences. With Car Detailing’s complete engine detailing, we remove dirt and grime that can make your engine work harder. Often, minor issues will also be spotted during the engine detailing. Finding spots of wear and tear before they officially break can save you time and money.

Retained Value​

Retained Value

Keeping your car clean not only makes it more fun to drive for you, but better for the next owner too. To help maximize your vehicle’s value, we recommend our like-new interior and exterior detailing package. Even some of the most well worn cars can be restored to a nearly new appearance. This helps a prospective buyer see the car as their own and gives the impression that the car has been well maintained.

100% Mobile Minivan Detailing

Car Detailing makes it easier than ever to get the detailing you need fast, affordably and conveniently. Our 100% mobile detailing services will come to you to work around your schedule!

With our fully-equipped mobile units, we bring everything we need to perform our full range of services. We will meet you at your home, work or anywhere else you want your vehicle to look its best. 

  • Minivan detailing around your schedule
  • Morning, evening and weekend appointments
  • Fully mobile units – including electricity and water
  • Eco-friendly techniques and products
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee!
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Is Headlight Restoration Necessary for Minivan Detailing?

Up to 70% of your headlights’ illumination can be lost due to built up contaminants on the plastic covering. Not only does this dirty appearance make your car look worn, it can pose a safety concern.

 Most drivers will not notice that they have lost visibility because the change is gradual. The easiest way to tell is to simply look at the covering of your headlights. If they appear cloudy or dirty, they likely need a complete cleaning. There are products you can spray on the outer plastic to try and clean it, but the cloudiness is often on the inside of the plastic.

Generally, most cars will need their headlights cleaned about twice a year. Older cars and cars that are left outside may need the service more frequently.

There are products on the market for cleaning your headlights at home. Some will work better than others and can sometimes be used in between professional restoration. headlights in modern cars tend to be complex and taking those components apart is not as simple as it might seem. It is also easy to chip paint around a headlight when removing or replacing it. Fixing paint chipping can be far more expensive than professional headlight restoration.

 A single headlight restoration is significantly cheaper than a restoration. While you can get used parts and aftermarket parts for cheaper than a full installation of new headlights, they will often not fit as well. Even the smallest difference in size can leave your headlights vulnerable to taking in moisture. Moisture and dirt will quickly make your headlights foggy again and require more restoration.

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