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Paint Correcton in Toronto and North York

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Contact for Paint Correction

If you want to restore your car’s paint, you have come to the right place. RedFox Car Detailing is the leading provider of paint correction services in Toronto and the GTA. Since opening our doors, our car paint shop has been committed and dedicated to bringing the best paint job and car detailing services to our customers. We are your local car detailing solution in Toronto and its surrounding areas. This means for any paint scratch, paint correction, auto care needs, and more – RedFox Car Detailing is your one-stop shop.

For paint scratches, paint correction is the process of restoring the paint to its original color and luster. This can be done by removing oxidation, swirls, paint chips, paint transfer, paint degradation, and other paint imperfections. Our paint correction experts are here to bring your car back to life with our advanced paint correction process.

We provide paint correction services for cars of all makes and models. Whether you have a small paint scratch or need more extensive paintwork, we are here to help. We use specialized paint correction tools and products that are designed to provide the best results for your car paint job.

Our paint correction is a delicate process to remove micro-scratches and paint swirls through buffing and machine polishing. It requires a high degree of skills and experience that RedFox Detailing is proud to offer. This process involves removing the top layer of the vehicle’s paint, up to 1-3 microns in order to achieve proper correction and a high gloss finish. With our years of experience and highly skilled professionals, you no longer need to worry about your vehicle’s imperfections. Let us restore your vehicle to its former pristine condition. Through paint correction, we can help you achieve the perfect paint job while extending the life of your car paint.

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Paint Correction Process

We always start the paint correction process with a cleaning and decontamination, just like we do with all our other auto detailing services. We then proceed to take depth readings of the paint in order to establish if there is enough clear coat on the surface. By using finishing polishes, the paint is polished and removes any scratches, holograms, swirls, and damages caused by weather conditions or other surface imperfections. At the end of the process, paint correction will be able to bring back your car’s original shine and reflection.

Trust RedFox Car Detailing with your paint correction needs. Our experienced professionals are committed to providing paint correction services that will bring your car paint back to life!

Benefits of Paint Correction

When you want to sell or trade in your car, paint correction can help beef up its value. Potential buyers not only evaluate the vehicle’s performance, but also its appearance.

To ensure the value of your vehicle stays as high as possible until you sell it, you’ll want to get a paint correction to:

  • Restore exterior to brand-new paint condition
  • Increase paint longevity
  • Remove paint scratches and damages
  • Increase resale value

All of these benefits will help you to increase the value of your car and can make it stand out in the used car market. Visit RedFox Car Detailing today!

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Why Choose RedFox Car Detailing

After many years of experience servicing Toronto, RedFox Car Detailing has built a trustworthy and reliable reputation as the top-rated local car detailing service provider. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and equipped with auto care technology and the knowledge to bring perfection to your vehicle. Your vehicle will look better than ever after we finish with it — even if it’s an older model. With affordable prices, you’ll always feel comfortable and confident leaving your car detailing solutions in our hands.