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Pickup Truck Detailing

Keep your truck trucking with expert pickup truck detailing. Car Detailing 100% mobile interior and exterior detailing can remove odors, pet hair and restore your vehicle’s shine inside and out. Our expert team uses only the best in industry-leading techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure your vehicle’s care today and beyond. 

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How Long Does Pickup Truck Detailing Take?

Aside from price, time is usually the biggest deciding factor in the services we choose for our vehicles. When you choose any of our detailing packages, your technician will be able to give you a customized time, but these are some guidelines to consider.


Interior Detailing Only

For our interior detailing, you can expect your total time to be between one and a half to two hours.


Exterior Detailing Only

Two to two and half hours is most common for exterior pickup truck detailing


Interior and Exterior Detailing

We offer two levels of comprehensive interior and exterior detailing. Our most extensive package will take around three to four hours. Our second most extensive package will take between two and a half to three hours


Time for Add-On Services

Add-on services will increase your total time but many services can be performed simultaneously so more services does not equal a great deal of extra time. If you are concerned about fitting detailing into your schedule, talk to your Car Detailing Representative. We are always happy to work around your schedule!

Is Pickup Truck Detailing Important for Safety?

While interior and exterior detailing do not have the same impact on safety as services like brake maintenance, there are important safety issues that detailing addresses. The following services are not only for aesthetic purposes, they are also a big part of keeping you and your vehicle safe

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Headlight Restoration

For most drivers, we only think about our headlights when a bulb burns out. However, as a car ages, the materials covering the bulb can become dingy or “foggy.” This dullness not only makes your car look worse, it can dim the illumination of your headlights. Many drivers will not notice the difference as the change is gradual over years. However, up to 70% of visibility can be lost with foggy headlights. Car Detailing’s headlight restoration service is the affordable way to improve your vehicle’s safety without total replacement of your headlights. We use professional techniques and products to completely restore your headlights to like new condition. Headlight restoration can be added to any of our other packages to ensure you get the performance you need to fit your budget and schedule

Interior Sanitation​

Interior Sanitation

How recently did you deep clean your car? For many drivers the answer is, “not in the last year” or even “never.” While most of the dirt and grime that builds up in our cars is more just unpleasant, some can be harmful. Literally hundreds of different strains of bacteria can live on the surfaces of our cars. Though most bacteria and germs pose minimal health risks, others can make us sick and cause other health problems. Car Detailing offers both a general interior detailing package and add-on services to get even the most difficult to clean surfaces germ free and safe!

Pet Hair Removal

Pet Hair Removal

We love our pets but sometimes their pet hair and dander can pose a real problem. Pet hair can produce odor in our cars, ruin a professional look by attaching to our clothing and make our vehicle interiors look dirty. For those with pet dander allergies, the risk is even greater. Pet hair and dander allergies are among the most common and they can produce itching, sneezing, watery eyes and breathing problems. With Car Detailing’s pet hair removal, we make it easier and healthier to live with your four legged friends. We expertly remove fur from your upholstery, leather and other surfaces of your car including floor mats. We’re here to make sure driving with your furry companions stays fun and safe!

Engine Detailing

Engine Detailing

Engine detailing is an important and often overlooked part of vehicle maintenance. It is especially important for pickup truck detailing. Your engine works hard to power a heavy duty vehicle. Removing the dirt and grime helps ensure it does not have to work even harder and risk wearing out faster. Engine detailing can also help reveal wear and tear before parts break and you are left with a larger bill and greater inconvenience. Engine detailing can be included with any of our packages for your convenience.

Why Choose Mobile Pickup Truck Detailing?

Mobile detailing is not only convenient it is as good as, if not better than brick and mortar detailing services. We can match the quality of traditional detailing companies with our fully equipped mobile units which include everything you would find in a brick and mortar operation. This even includes water and electricity! 

This allows us to work with you around your schedule for the ultimate in convenience. Our mobile units will come to your home or place of work and perform our services without interrupting your schedule. 

In some cases, mobile pickup truck detailing can even outshine the service you can get in a traditional detailing shop. This is because those shops often have higher overhead costs and must turn more customers quickly with less emphasis on quality.

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All Inclusive and Competitive Pricing

At Car Detailing, we know transparent pricing is an important part of a quality customer experience. This is why we clearly detail all costs before work is performed. For the large majority of cars, the package prices include everything with no extra charges. 

Rare exceptions may occur when a car is excessively soiled or difficult to clean. For example, an SUV caked in mud from offroading or a car interior with a hard to remove odor. However, our technicians will always check with you before performing additional work.

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