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Sleepers and Semi Truck Detailing in North York and Toronto

Semi trucks are some of the most important and the hardest working vehicles on the road. To ensure they can keep doing their job, Car Detailing offers custom semi truck detailing packages to make your sleeper/semi safer, cleaner and more comfortable. 

To learn more about our custom semi truck/sleepers detailing packages, call us 416-650-5483.

Interior and Exterior Detailing for Semi Trucks and Sleepers

Car Detailing offers several packages for sleepers detailing and semi truck detailing, including


Interior Detailing

Interior semi truck detailing ensures your cab is clean and comfortable for your next haul. With our expert sleepers detailing, we remove stains, odors and allergens that can build up on your interior surfaces. This includes shampooing of upholstery, reconditioning of leather, vacuuming and steam cleaning.


Exterior Detailing

While all vehicles benefit from exterior cleaning, it is especially important for commercial working vehicles. Whether you operate your own truck or own a fleet of trucks, a semi represents the quality of service the customers are getting. In most cases, a truck operator does not have a physical location customers go to. This means a truck essentially becomes the front for the business and needs to be presentable. Our exterior semi truck detailing packages ensures your truck is always putting its best wheel forward. We buff, polish and wax away minor scratches and roughness from your paint job to restore the glossy shine. Tire detailing, window cleaning and more are all included.


Interior and Exterior Detailing

Our all-inclusive packages have everything from our other interior and exterior packages plus more. This package deal is great for improving the look and feel of your vehicle but is especially beneficial for those times when your truck needs to look its best. This is an absolute must if you are looking to sell your semi truck. A clean, well-maintained vehicle will much more easily get you a better price.

Fully Mobile Semi Truck Detailing

Let us come to you! Interior and exterior detailing for sleepers and semi trucks is more convenient than ever with our 100% mobile services. We bring everything we need to give your vehicle the All Star treatment with our professional products and equipment.

Truck Detailing

We Bring Everything We Need

When we say fully mobile, we mean it. Our mobile detailing vehicles include everything we need to service semi trucks including water and electricity. This ensures we can service your vehicle where it is most convenient for you.

Eco-Friendly Products​

Eco-Friendly Products

Car Detailing knows that our role as a company is to not just provide great services for today, but to also do our part for a better tomorrow. This is why we use minimal chemicals and water-saving methods in each service we provide. Better, cleaner products are good for your vehicle, for you and for our community.

Expert Technicians​

Expert Technicians

Our team of mobile auto detailers are dedicated professionals who have undergone industry-leading training on how to best service each vehicle. They have the experience and expertise necessary to spot problem areas, clean even the most difficult vehicles and ensure your vehicle always comes out looking better and being more comfortable.

Convenient Scheduling​

Convenient Scheduling

Need sleepers detailing in the early morning or evening? On the weekend? No problem! We know our customers have busy schedules and we strive to provide appointment times that will easily fit into your schedule.

Available Anywhere in the GTA​

Available Anywhere in the GTA

Our fully mobile unit is available throughout the North York and Toronto area for your convenience. We also have our indoor facility to meet your needs.

Why is Interior and Exterior Detailing Important for Semi Trucks and Sleepers?

Interior and exterior detailing is important for all vehicles but especially so for sleepers/semi trucks. These large vehicles are put to the test over thousands of miles and it can be easy for issues to develop and go unnoticed.

Exterior detailing not only helps restore the shine of your truck, but it can often reveal issues before they become bigger problems. Other important services to consider with your semi truck detailing, include

Engine Detailing

Engines work hard and they have to work even harder when they are dirty. Our engine detailing service removes all excess grime and dirt so your engine can work more efficiently. Engine detailing can also often reveal trouble areas before they become bigger problems. While no one likes to hear that their engine needs work, spotting weaknesses and parts that are worn before they break can save you money and time in the long run.

Headlight Restoration for Semi Truck Detailing and Safety

Semi trucks spend countless hours on the road through all kinds of weather. This treatment has an impact on your whole vehicle, including your headlights. Dirt, contaminants and UV rays all play a part in breaking down your headlights and reducing visibility.  In fact, old, uncleaned headlights can reduce visibility by 70%! 

Professional headlight restoration is an affordable way to renew your headlights quickly. Our expert technicians will clear up all fogginess, dirt and scratches with professional grade products.  

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Truck Wash

Retained Value

Semi trucks and sleepers often change hands throughout their lifetime. If you plan to sell your sleeper, regular detailing is a good way to retain value. Having a complete detailing done at least once a year will not only make the truck more comfortable to drive now but keep wear and tear from getting worse over the years.

This translates to a better looking vehicle that is easier to sell and get the best price for. Getting our like-new interior and exterior detailing package before you plan to sell can also give you a good return on investment. 

Even the oldest and most worn semis can be improved with our like-new restoration package. However, you will get the best results if detailing is performed regularly.

Custom Pricing for Semi Truck Interior and Exterior Detailing - Call Today!

We offer custom pricing for sleepers detailing and semi truck detailing. Call us today for an interior or exterior package and learn more about our add-on services including pet hair removal, odor removal and more. Call 416-650-5483.