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Ceramic Coating vs Glass Coating

Ceramic Coating vs Glass Coating In Canada, every car owner knows that our harsh climate takes a toll on your vehicle. Over time, all that dust, dirt, salt, and snow will affect the appearance of your car. That means you’ll be paying more for repairs and watching the value of
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how to tell if your car needs detailing

How to Tell If Your Car Needs Detailing

Signs Your Car Needs Detailing When is a Wash Enough? While car detailing is an amazing tool in your car care routine, it is not something that most cars will need every week or even every month. A car wash is a faster and cheaper option that is great to
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Car Detailing

What is the Average Price to Get a Car Detailed? 

Average car detailing prices in Canada can vary depending on several factors. The city you are in, the services you have added on and how much dirt build up is on your car all affect price. Most importantly, the size and type of your car will factor in. A general
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Car Engine Detailing

Pricing for Car Engine Detailing in North York and Toronto

Cleaning a car’s interior and exterior is a regular item on car owners’ maintenance checklist, but what about under the hood? Your engine is a complex piece of machinery and it operates under considerable stress all while being covered in grease, dirt and grime. Cleaning your engine can have several
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Car Detailing for a Sedan

What is the Cost of Car Detailing for a Sedan?

Sedans are among the most popular styles of vehicle and quality car detailing is an essential part of retaining their value and keeping them road ready. If you are looking to have your sedan detailed, you are already on your way to having a better driving experience and protecting your
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Car Detailing

What is the Cost of Car Detailing in Ontario?

Car detailing in Ontario is an essential part of owning a car in this area. Regular car detailing can prevent corrosion from the salt on our roads in winter, protect interiors from sun damage, and help retain resale value. When compared to the host of benefits, car detailing is an
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