How to Tell If Your Car Needs Detailing

how to tell if your car needs detailing

Signs Your Car Needs Detailing

1. Foggy Headlights

foggy headlights


Headlights are exposed to many contaminants and damaging elements. From salt on the road to pollution in the air and rain, your headlights can quickly build up a significant layer of grime. Even a thin layer of dirt can affect how well your headlights work. This can be dangerous especially when visibility is already compromised by weather conditions. If your headlights look as though they have a sheen of dirt on them, it is time for detailing.

2. Swirl Marks and Light Scratches

Swirl marks and light scratches can come from a variety of sources – tree branches, rocks flying up from the road and even from the brushes intended to help wash your car. Exterior detailing will help buff out these small scratches before they become deeper and pose the risk of rust forming.

3. Your Windshield Isn’t as Clear as It Could Be

Much like headlights, your windshield is exposed to a wide range of damaging elements. While you can usually remove light dirt with a simple wash, this is often not as effective as a proper detailing. Many washing techniques can leave streaks which reduce visibility and leave distracting marks behind. It may seem like a trivial issue, but consider what could happen if you get distracted from the road because of dirty streaks or debris on your windshield. This is much more common and easily done than you might assume.

4. Sticky Interior Surfaces

While the outside of your car is dealing with the elements, your interior is likely dealing with a host of spills, sticky hands and dirty shoes. While stickiness or dirt in some areas may just be inconvenient, if you have a build up of grime around your gear shift, this can reduce your car’s functionality. Similarly, a sticky steering wheel may prove to be a distraction while driving.

5. Tires in Need of TLC

Tires are an often overlooked part of what keeps your car safe. Along with regularly checking tire pressure and making sure to get your tires rotated on time, you should also keep them clean. Detailing tires does more than just restore their shine, though it does do that well too. Thorough cleaning of tires removes caked on dirt and mud that can impede traction. Expert detailers will also be able to tell you if there are any issues with your tires such as worn down areas, punctures, or damaged hubcaps.

6. You Plan to Sell Your Car

Less of a sign and more of a special circumstance but if you plan to sell your car, this is a good time to invest in detailing. This will help you show your car’s best side to potential buyers. Even if you plan to simply trade in your car at the end of a lease, this can help you retain more of the car’s value.

7. Interior Odor

Many interior car fabrics are darker in color and are often treated with a stain protectant. This means even a clean looking car may still have tons of ground in dirt and stains. While the seats may still look nice, they may not smell nice. If you notice an odor when you first enter your car, it is time to get car detailing. Even if you get used to the smell, it is likely also permeating your clothes and hair. Avoid embarrassing, musty odors with a deep interior car detailing.

interior odor

When is a Wash Enough?

While car detailing is an amazing tool in your car care routine, it is not something that most cars will need every week or even every month. A car wash is a faster and cheaper option that is great to do in between detailing sessions. Here are some scenarios where a car wash is probably all you need.

  • There is only a light amount of dust and dirt on your car
  • It has been less than three months since you had your car detailed and you have not driven your car in excessively muddy or dirty areas
  • The interior of your car is still clean and does not have built up odors
  • You can get your windows clean with a simple wash

How Often Should You Detail Your Car?

If you are still not sure about checking for signs of when car detailing is needed, you should at least aim for one car detailing every four to six months. Having your car detailed at least two to three times a year helps keep up maintenance to prevent bigger problems from forming. For example, it is much easier to remove small scratches and swirls if you have them buffed out by a detailer on a regular basis. If these small scratches are left to build up, your entire exterior will look poorly.

Who Should Get More Frequent Car Detailing: For some drivers, you may want to increase this to four or even six times per year. If you find yourself driving on salted roads or through muddy tracks frequently, your car is more likely to have a buildup of dirt and grime in small spaces. Similarly, if you are like many car owners and use your car to eat into  and to transport kids and pets, you likely need more frequent detailing.

Between sticky spills, dirty shoes and accumulated pet hair, your car needs at least three or four detailing sessions each year. Many car owners who have this issue often do not have time to keep up with regular washing. This makes frequent detailing even more important. Without regular washing in between detailing, small scratches on the exterior and ground in dirt and odors on the interior can build up even faster.

When You Can Get Away with Fewer Car Detailing Sessions: Car owners who work to keep their cars as clean as possible with regular washing typically do not need car detailing as often.  If you wash your exterior and take special care to not dirty the interior, you may only need to detail once or twice a year.

When Should You Get Your Car Detailed?

Assuming you do not have an emergency need for cleaning, the best times of year to get your car detailed are at the start of summer and middle to end of fall. Detailing before summer clears away leftover road salt from winter and mud from spring. This preps your car for long summer vacation drives and trips.

Detailing in the fall preps your car for winter. While it might seem counterintuitive to clean a car just before it is about to withstand all the dirt and road salt of winter but this is the perfect time. Clearing out old dirt will give your car a clean slate before winter. A buildup of dirt on tires or headlights before winter will make it more likely that the issue will get bad enough to cause bigger problems.

Should You Get Both Interior and Exterior Car Detailing?

When people think of car detailing, they tend to think mostly of the exterior. Headlights, windows, tires and the body of the car are important areas to keep clean. However, the interior of your car is just as important for car detailing.

Odors and bacteria that accumulate in your car interior are not only unpleasant, they can also collect in your clothing and potentially affect breathing. For those who are sensitive to smells or struggle with any breathing issues, built up interior dirt can pose a real problem.

Similarly, sticky spills can build up around buttons, the gearshift, steering wheel and more. Along with no one wanting to touch these areas, stickiness can cause a window button to stick or a gear shift to be more difficult to use.

How to Get Started With Car Detailing

Car detailing may not always be as convenient as a simple wash but it is an important part of car maintenance. Once drivers have their car professionally detailed, many cannot believe how their car is transformed back to an almost like-new condition.

If your car isn’t as clean as it should be, it’s time to get your car detailed. The experienced team at is here to answer your questions and get your car ready for wherever you want to go. Make your appointment now by calling 647-371-1909.

What is the Average Price to Get a Car Detailed? 

Car Detailing

Average car detailing prices in Canada can vary depending on several factors. The city you are in, the services you have added on and how much dirt build up is on your car all affect price. Most importantly, the size and type of your car will factor in. A general range can be anywhere from around $100 to around $250. This range encompasses most car types and services.

Here we will take a closer look at what affects price and what services are included in interior, exterior and add-on packages.

Bottomline:  Car detailing will average around $160 for interior and exterior detailing on a sedan. Vans, large SUVs and other larger vehicles will be around $200. Regular detailing can help to retain resale value of your vehicle and make for a cleaner, more enjoyable driving experience as well.

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  • What Affects the Average Price to Get a Car Detailed?
  • What is Included in Car Detailing?
  • Benefits of Car Detailing
  • Why Do you Need Car Washes and Detailing?
  • How Often Should You Get Your Car Detailed?

White car detailing

What Affects the Average Price to Get a Car Detailed?

Here are the important facts:

Car Size

Car size is the biggest factor affecting the price of car detailing. A small two-door coupe will take far less time and resources to clean than a large SUV or even a sedan which is why the cost is higher.

Condition of Car

For the most part, cars will be priced based on size. However, if you have a car with excessive dirt or wear inside or out, this may require a premium cost. If, for example, you have recently taken your car off-roading and it is now caked in mud, you may want to give it a quick rinse prior to bringing it in for detailing.

Since car detailing is done by hand, excessive mud like this is sometimes best removed with a quick car wash before bringing it in. Car detailing will be able to remove all the excess dirt in small crevices that the car wash was not able to.

Package Details

You can choose to get either your interior, exterior or both detailed. It is, however, often best to get them detailed at the same time. This will help you avoid making a second appointment.


Potential add-ons include engine detailing, odor removal and pet hair removal.  Each of these may include a small extra fee but are often worth it. Professional detailing can remove some of the most stubborn smells and matted pet hair.

Engine detailing includes cleaning and degreasing your engine which makes it easier to spot broken and worn parts. Removing grease from belts can also help them last longer.


Often mobile car detailing solutions are more cost effective compared to car detailing services that you bring your vehicle to. Mobile detailers come to you with all needed supplies with them. This makes detailing convenient for almost any schedule.


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What is Included in Car Detailing?

  • Interior Car Detailing: Interior car detailing includes everything you need to get the inside of your car fresh, clean and more comfortable to drive. This includes:
    • Carpet Vacuuming: Both carpets and mats are deep cleaned to remove ground in dirt and debris.
    • Odor Removal/Ozonation: Instead of synthetic scents that mask odor, ozonation removes the odors with the help of oxygenated water.
    • Upholstery Cleaning: Fabric upholstery is vacuumed and cleaned to gently, but thoroughly remove dirt and odors.
    • Leather detailing: Leather upholstery is thoroughly detailed before a protective spray is applied to guard against UV rays.
    • Vinyl and Plastic Detailing: Doors, dashboard and your console are thoroughly cleaned before UV protection is applied.
    • Trunk/Cargo Detailing: This often overlooked area of your vehicle is vacuumed and shampooed.
  • Exterior Car Detailing: Exterior car detailing can restore your vehicle to a like new shine while also removing small imperfections. This includes:
    • Wash and Polish: Your car is hand washed and detailed before a wax or polish is applied for added shine and protection.
    • Small Scratch and Dent Removal: Small, superficial scratches are buffed away during the cleaning process. Dents that are small enough to be removed without being repainted are also removed.
    • Trim and Headlights: Your head and tail lights along with metal trim are all cleaned and polished by hand. A protective coating will also be applied.
    • Undercarriage, Wheels Etc: Perhaps one of the most important parts of detailing, all of the parts under your car are given attention. This includes wheel wells, splash guards, fenders and more.
  • Engine Detailing: This is often an add-on service that can really be worth the time and money. With engine detailing, your engine is treated with a degreaser which removes built up grease and dirt. Then a protective coating is applied to key plastic, silicone and rubber parts. Engine detailing can make it easier to spot and fix things like damaged or worn belts.
  • Pet Hair Removal: Another possible add-on item, pet hair removal will remove even the most stubborn, matted fur on your car’s interior.

Car interior detailing

Why Do you Need Car Washes and Detailing?

When looking for ways to keep your car clean and well maintained, a car wash may seem like the best choice. However, while a car wash can get your car looking cleaner, it includes far fewer services than detailing. Here are key differences between the two.

Car Wash: When you take your car to a car wash, your vehicle will be washed with brushes. It may also be sprayed with a polish and then, often, will be hand dried at the end. Some car washes may also offer interior services like floor mat vacuuming. In general, you can expect to pay between $20 and $50 depending on the services you choose. You may pay slightly more if you have a large van or truck.

Car Detailing: With car detailing, everything is done by hand. Like the name implies, this means a much greater attention to detail. Tires cleaning, upholstery detailing, and even small dent removal are all part of detailing. Even cars that have built up dirt and grime in the smallest crevices, can be transformed by car detailing.

Why You Need Both: Standard car washes keep your car clean, are affordable and usually take less time than most lunch breaks. This makes them convenient to get done on a regular basis. Detailing, which is more expensive and takes considerably longer, can be done less frequently. Detailing gets all the areas that washing does not and also removes the light swirl marks that are often left behind from car wash brushes.

Is Car Detailing Worth the Price?

Absolutely. While car detailing may not be quite as essential to car maintenance as something like an oil change, it can have a significant impact on your retained resale value and the overall comfort of your car. It may even save you money by catching problems before they start.

Benefits of Car Detailing

Car detailing is worth the price for several reasons, including:

  • Resale Value: A clean, well-maintained car will always be easier to sell. Even if you have never had your car detailed, you should have it done before trying to sell your car. Detailing will not only make your look nicer, it will also make the interior smell fresh and clean while also removing small imperfections from the body of the car.
  • Driving Comfort: Thorough cleaning of your car’s interior will remove all the ground in dirt that gets trapped in small crevices and in your upholstery. Your car will smell better and the cleaning may also remove allergens in the upholstery and carpet.
  • Finding Problems Early: Detailing services will often reveal small problems with your car before they become bigger and more expensive problems. For example, dents will be found and repaired before they encourage the formation of rust. Slightly low tire pressure may also be found before you experience a flat while driving. If you get your engine detailed as well, this is another opportunity for your car detailer to find any issues with worn out belts and other parts.
  • UV Protection: A UV protectant is used on the vinyl, plastic and leather components of your car. This will keep these areas from cracking and fading due to sun rays.

How Often Should You Get Your Car Detailed?

Car detailing, for most cars should be done about twice a year. However, if you are like many car owners and you use your car as a place to eat, drink and transport pets and children, you may find that your busy life means your car needs more frequent detailing.

Similarly, if you tend to drive on muddy roads frequently, you may also benefit from detailing more often. On the other hand, if you do not use your car that frequently and keep it clean, detailing once a year can be sufficient.

When to Get Your Car Detailed

Car detailing can be done at any time but it is often best done in these scenarios:

Before Bad Weather: Getting your car detailed before winter is another way to ensure your vehicle is ready for snowy, cold weather.

Before Selling: If you plan to sell your car or your lease is ending, car detailing can help your resale value.


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Get Your Car Detailed Now

The best time to get your car detailed is now. Car Detailing Vaughan is the easy, convenient way to get your car detailed. Our mobile unit comes to your home or business for car detailing that fits your schedule. Make your appointment now by calling 647-371-1909.

Pricing for Car Engine Detailing in Vaughan

Car Engine Detailing

Cleaning a car’s interior and exterior is a regular item on car owners’ maintenance checklist, but what about under the hood? Your engine is a complex piece of machinery and it operates under considerable stress all while being covered in grease, dirt and grime.

Cleaning your engine can have several benefits that will help you maintain the functionality of your car. Here we will look at why cleaning your engine is important, pricing for car engine detailing in Vaughan, the process for cleaning an engine and how often you should get your engine detailed.

Main Takeaway: Car engine detailing is important both as a maintenance item and for cosmetic reasons. For as little as a hundred dollars, you can help to maintain your car and potentially avoid bigger repairs.

Engine detailing can be especially beneficial if you plan to resell your car. Strive to have your engine professionally detailed at least twice a year for maximum benefits. As little as once a year can also be beneficial while some cars will need more frequent detailing to maximize results.

In this Article:

  • What Affects the Cost of Car Engine Detailing?
  • Why Does Car Engine Detailing Matter?
  • Will Cleaning Your Engine Keep it from Overheating?
  • How Often Should You Get Your Engine Detailed?
  • Should You Clean Your Engine by Yourself?

What Affects the Cost of Car Engine Detailing?

Car engine detailing prices range from around $100 to $300 and beyond. Why does the cost vary so much? The final cost will depend on 3 factors: 1) the type of car, 2) where you get your engine detailed and 3) method of cleaning.

  1. Type of Car: Larger cars mean larger engines and more time and products for cleaning. If you drive a large SUV or truck, expect to pay in the mid to high range.
  2. Location: One of the most cost effective ways to have your engine detailed is to have it as part of a package deal. offers car detailing as an add on service to our competitively priced interior and exterior detailing packages. When combined with an existing package, you will not only save money but also time. Engine detailing can usually be performed at the same time as other detailing services, ensuring your car will be ready quickly.
  3. Method of Cleaning: Some cleaning methods, especially older, DIY methods are cheaper but also have potential to cause damage or be difficult for a novice. Specifically, hot water cleaning, which involves soaking engine parts in hot water, may prove difficult for those with limited car experience. Baking soda and similarly abrasive methods and materials can sometimes do more harm than good. Though this method is effective and reasonably priced, it is the one most likely to leave behind debris and cause issues. Professional cleaning, usually steaming, is often the best option. While pricier, it is more effective and beneficial.

Why Does Car Engine Detailing Matter?

You don’t see your engine, so why does it matter if it is clean? While appearances may not be important, a clean engine does have benefits, including:

  • Find Problems Early: Regular, thorough engine cleaning will often reveal worn out parts before they become a bigger problem. Generally, you should inspect your engine from time to time for worn out parts and engine cleaning is another opportunity to ensure this is done.
  • Easier Leak Detection: If your engine is covered in grease and dirt, it can make it more difficult to find the source of leaks when they occur. As a bonus, this will also make it a cleaner job when you do need to inspect your engine.
  • Reduce Wear: Built up grease and dirt may not have a huge effect on overall performance of an engine, but it can affect individual parts. Specifically, plastic and rubber components can wear out more quickly when exposed to excessive grease.
  • Resale Value: Regular cleaning can help with all of the above issues, but it is often most important to get detailing done before you attempt to sell your car. This is especially true if you are selling your car on your own. Buyers will be looking under the hood and a new engine will not only look nice but give the impression that the car has been gently used and well taken care of.


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Will Cleaning Your Engine Keep it from Overheating?

While a cleaner engine does have a host of benefits as we looked at in the previous section, keeping your engine from overheating likely is not one of them.

Though a build up of grease and dirt may trap a small amount of  heat, it is not likely to be enough to cause or accelerate overheating. Instead, overheating is more likely to be because your oil is low, there is a problem with your cooling system or there is a weakness in the belts or hoses.

The way that cleaning an engine can help with overheating is by making it easier to catch weak and problematic parts before they break. Also, if you do find yourself with an overheated engine, it will be an easier and cleaner job identifying the source of the heat if the engine is not covered in grease.

car engine detailing

How Often Should You Get Your Engine Detailed?

Most engines should be professionally detailed at least twice a year. This is also the most common recommended schedule for detailing the exterior and interior of your car. Just like with other car detailing services, you should aim to have your engine detailed before extreme temperature  changes, usually before winter and before summer.

This change in seasons is harder on your car due to conditions such as salt on the road in the winters and mud and heat that comes from the warmer months.

Detailing your car before these changes will help prepare your engine to take on the extra strain. It is also a good way to find worn out engine parts before you find yourself stuck on the road with car trouble.

Is More Frequent Detailing Beneficial? While twice a year detailing is most common, some cars can benefit from four times or more.  Specifically, if you tend to drive on muddy or dirt roads often, your car likely needs more frequent cleaning. Rough terrain like this is also more likely to cause scratches and other damage due to debris. Detailing will find these issues and fix them before they get worse.

Should You Clean Your Engine by Yourself?

While mistakes made during cleaning can usually be fixed, you may find that trying to save money by cleaning your engine yourself will end up costing more money when something goes wrong.

Do it yourself methods and products for engine detailing can be especially tricky if you are inexperienced. For example, older engines may not be safe to clean with water. There are also multiple engine parts that should be treated gently and not sprayed with high pressure water both on new and older cars.

You will also need to be extremely careful with any electrical components and ensure any cleaning products and moisture are fully removed. At, our experienced technicians mask off sensitive parts of the engine before carefully removing dirt and grime.

If you can not fit multiple professional engine cleanings into your schedule or budget, consider having it done only once a year instead of 2 to 4 times. This will still be beneficial without the risks that come with doing it yourself.

You may also want to wipe down parts of your engine in between professional cleanings. This can be beneficial if you tend to drive on dusty, dirty roads often.

For a quick spot cleaning of your engine, follow these tips:

  • Keep it Cool and Dry: Before any cleaning or maintenance, your engine should be thoroughly cooled. A warm engine will not only be more difficult to handle, but warm parts are also more prone to damage when exposed to cold water. You will also want to ensure your engine is thoroughly dry once you are done.  Choose a warm but low-humidity day to perform engine cleaning to help aid in drying.
  • Protect Electrical Components: Electrical components can easily be damaged by moisture so it is important to cover them with plastic before any cleaning. You can potentially skip this step but it is not recommended unless you have experience with cleaning an engine already.
  • Be Thorough but Gentle: While your engine may need to be scrubbed in certain areas, it is better to go more gently unless you are very confident in cleaning.  Ideally, you will only perform a touch-up cleaning in between professional cleaning sessions to avoid causing damage.


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Final Thoughts

Car detailing and engine detailing are an important part of maintaining your car inside and out. To maximize the benefits of engine detailing, you should aim to have your car detailed twice a year. Detailing before you resell a car can also help you get maximum value for your vehicle.

Ready to get started with a better, cleaner engine? We’re here to help. Car Detailing Vaughan offers affordable car and engine detailing packages to fit your schedule and budget. Call us at 647-371-1909 to schedule your detailing today!

What is the Cost of Car Detailing in Ontario?

Car Detailing

Car detailing in Ontario is an essential part of owning a car in this area. Regular car detailing can prevent corrosion from the salt on our roads in winter, protect interiors from sun damage, and help retain resale value. When compared to the host of benefits, car detailing is an affordable way to care for your car while also making it more pleasant to drive.

Here we will look at what affects the final cost of car detailing, how frequently you should get your car detailed and some of the reasons why car detailing is so important.

What Determines Cost of Car Detailing?

To determine the final cost of your car detailing, there are several factors to be considered. Most importantly, the size and type of your car. Secondly, do you want both the interior and exterior done? There are also several useful add-on services like deep cleaning to eliminate odors or pet hair. Finally, how much dirt your car has can play a part in your final costs.

Car Detailing Based on Type of Car

Unsurprisingly, the size and type of car is the most important factor in what determines the cost of car detailing. Car size categories include coup, sedan, SUV and 7-seater vehicles. For the smallest vehicles, coups, you can expect to pay between $110-$130 depending on if you get both the exterior and interior detailed.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the largest package deal pricing is for 7-seater vehicles. For these, the range is $160-$220. This range also depends on if you get both the interior and exterior detailed. Sedans and other medium sized vehicles will cost between the small and large vehicle price points.

Interior Vs Interior and Exterior Packages

 Car Detailing

Oftentimes, the interior of your car will need to be cleaned more frequently than the exterior. To help with this, we offer an interior only package. Interior only packages are a fast and affordable way to keep your car looking, smelling and feeling nice. We also offer combined interior and exterior packages for one low price.

Cost for Specialty Vehicles

Have a larger vehicle like a semi-truck or sleeper cab? Vaughan Car Detailing offers affordable, custom pricing packages for these super sized vehicles. Cargo vans and certain large SUVs may also be eligible for special pricing. Unsure what type of vehicle you have? Our team is here to answer all your questions. Call us for a price quote and consultation.

Add-On Services

Toronto Car Detailing packages are designed to give you a thorough clean for one low-price. We also offer several add-on services at a discount including pet hair removal, engine cleaning, and odor removal. Each of these add-ons can be matched with any package to help you customize exactly what you are looking for.

Is There An Extra Charge for Excessive Dirt?

At Vaughan Car Detailing, we are equipped to clean even the most rugged, off-roading vehicles inside and out. No amount of dirt or mud is a match for our team of expert car detailing technicians. Rarely, we may need to charge a fee for excessive dirt and debris. This is not typical though and most vehicles will be fully covered by our package deals.

How Often Should I Get My Car Detailed?

Vehicle owners are often intimidated by car detailing because they think it has to be done more frequently than it really has to. For most vehicles, you will only need car detailing two to three times per year. If you do not drive your car frequently and avoid rough roads with dirt and debris, you could even get away with once a year. Twice a year is preferable to prevent a build-up of dirt and to smooth out small scratches and swirls in the paint.  However, once a year will still be beneficial.

On the other side of things, if you take your vehicle off-roading frequently or drive anywhere that is excessively dirty, you may want to consider more frequent car detailing. Three to four times a year can help to ensure your car is better able to take on that rough terrain and look good doing so.

 Car Detailing

Is Car Detailing in Ontario Worth It?

Unless your car sits idle in a garage or you stick to roads with absolutely no ice, dirt or salt, car detailing should be a part of your regular maintenance. Specifically, in Ontario, car detailing helps to combat the issues caused by salt on the road in winter. When salt is left on a car, it can encourage corrosion.

Detailing removes salt from all areas of your car, even the most hidden places where salt and dirt tend to end up. This includes in wheel wells, inside cracks and crevices in your exterior and in the fabric of your interior.

While salt removal may be an obvious way to protect your car, other services may seem as though they are for aesthetic reasons only, but they also help to keep your car in great shape.. Check out these other top reasons why car detailing in Ontario is worth it:


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Catch Problems Early: You may think you will see issues with your car just from driving it, but as drivers we are often in a hurry and jump into our cars without noticing tiny dings, scratches or even slightly flattened tires. Without a thorough car detailing, it is likely most drivers will not notice scratches until they form rust or until a flat tire causes problems on the road. With car detailing, your car is thoroughly inspected which will catch issues like this before they become bigger problems.

Restore Shine: Your car faces a lot on the road including dirt, dust, sap from trees, salt, and other debris.  Many of these substances will not be removed with simple water or a basic car wash. This can leave your car looking more dull than it should and, in worse case scenarios, even damage the paint if not removed soon enough. With car detailing, professional grade solvents are used to gently remove these contaminants to restore your car’s shine.

Remove Light Scratches and Swirl Marks: While deep scratches pose the risk of rust, small, shallow scratches are also problematic. These fine scratches come from debris on the road, use of improper cleaning tools like buffers, and from contact with things like branches and other rough materials. When left untreated, they can be more difficult to get rid of. Scheduling a regular car detailing, will buff these small scratches out before they become bigger.

Protect Your Interior

  • Cloth Interior: Cloth Interiors are prone to both staining and absorbing unpleasant smells. These smells and stains can penetrate deep into your car’s interior, making your car look drab and smell musty no matter how much you clean. With proper car detailing, your cloth interior is restored to like-new condition. Our professional tools and products will eliminate even the most ground in stains and odors.
  • Leather Interior: While leather interiors can resist stains more readily, they are more susceptible to cracking and creases. The changes in temperature and exposure to direct sunlight can make even the most durable leather seats break down over time. Professional car detailing conditions your leather seats to keep them supple and more resistant to cracking.

Retain Value: Regular car detailing helps to prevent your car’s interior and exterior from premature aging. By having your car thoroughly detailed at least one to two times a year, it will be easier to prevent more significant damage.

Get Your Car Ready for Sale: Even if you do not get regular car detailing, a single session before trying to sell your car will up its curb appeal dramatically. A single car detailing can remove small blemishes from your car’s surface and ensure your car’s interior looks fresh and ready for a new driver.

Protect a Lease Car: Car detailing can be especially beneficial for lease cars. With regular detailing, you can help retain the value of your car and maximize your trade in value.

Better Driving Experience: If you are like many car owners, your vehicle likely serves as a place to eat, a place for your kids to play and  a place where the family dog likes to hang out sometimes. Between spilled food, pet hair and other odors, your car can start to be pretty unpleasant to drive. Car detailing cleans all the surfaces, reduces allergens coming from cloth seats and removes odors for an outstanding driving experience.


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Get a Custom Quote on Car Detailing

Your detailing package is as personal as your car. At Car Detailing Vaughan, we offer customizable packages with valuable add-on features including pet hair removal and deep odor elimination. To get started with a custom quote, call us at 647-371-1909 today!

What are the Benefits of Car Detailing in Winter?

car detailing winter

Is winter a good time for mobile car detailing? Vaughan area winters can get pretty harsh and proper car detailing is an important part of keeping your vehicle road ready. While it is often recommended that you get your car detailed before winter, that does not mean you should wait until spring just because there is snow on the ground.

Detailing your car in winter can improve safety, your comfort and help reduce wear and tear on your car. In this blog we will look at why car detailing is so important in winter, what you can expect from your winter car detailing and everything you need to know to ensure your car is ready this winter.

In this blog you will find:

  • Exterior Auto Detailing Vaughan: Why is Exterior Car Detailing in Winter Important?
  • Interior Car Cleaning Vaughan: Why Should You Detail the Inside of Your Car in Winter ?
  • Benefits of Winter Mobile Car Detailing Vaughan
  • How to Wash Your Car in Winter After Mobile Car Detailing Vaughan
  • How Often Should You Get Your Car Detailed and Cleaned in Winter?

Exterior Auto Detailing Vaughan: Why is Exterior Car Detailing in Winter Important?

exterior auto detailing

Exterior detailing is especially crucial in winter. The exterior of your car has to put up with a lot during the colder months as a sludge of snow, dirt and damaging road salt all work to compromise your car’s paint job, tires and even the underside of your car. Here are the top reasons for auto detailing in Vaughan:

Rust Protection: While new cars tend to be quite resistant to rust, they are not completely immune. This is especially true if your car’s paint is scratched. Salt on the road in winter can cause both scratches and corrosion which promote rust. Thorough detailing helps to get rid of this risk.

Remove Hidden Dirt: While you can wipe down your car and it will look better, you are likely missing much of the most harmful dirt and salt. Salt and debris can get trapped in your wheel wells, door jambs, around headlights and other hard to see and reach areas. Professional detailing is often the only way to remove this all.

Improve Windshield Clarity: You may think your windshield is clean enough but it likely has some dirt buildup. When combined with poor winter conditions, any excess dirt can further impact visibility.  Specks of dirt and debris on your windshield can also prove distracting as you are driving.

Improved Traction and Tire Health: One of the most important areas to detail is your tires. Tires perhaps have the hardest job of all during the winter as they have direct contact with the road. Because of this, your tires need all the help they can get to function. Detailing will clear away any dirt that could be reducing traction or causing additional wear on your tires.

Spot Signs of Trouble: One unexpected benefit of car detailing at any time of year is that professional detailers are more likely to spot issues with your car early. They may find scratches you did see, flat or damaged tires, and more. Catching these issues early helps you avoid finding them later on like when you are already on the road.

Interior Car Cleaning Vaughan: Why Should You Detail the Inside of Your Car in Winter?

Many car owners who have never had their car detailed assume that detailing is more for the exterior of the car. However, though exterior detailing is very important to your car’s well-being in the winter, interior detailing also has advantages in the colder months.

With interior detailing, your car is expertly cleaned in even the most hard to reach areas. Eliminate crumbs trapped in seat creases, sticky cup holders, dirty floor mats and signs of wear on your car’s interior. Detail the interior of your car this winter for these advantages:

Eliminate Odors: Between fabric seat covers and carpeting on the floor or your car, there are plenty of places for funky smells to get trapped. Food smells, smoke and even pollution from the outside air can create unpleasant, stale and musty odors. With a thorough cleaning, your car will be noticeably fresher.  Professional grade products are used to safely and thoroughly remove these odors, leaving behind a clean, fresh scent.

Improve Air Quality: Along with removing odors, cleaning your car’s interior fabric can eliminate allergens and improve air quality. This is especially important when you are driving with the windows rolled up to avoid the cold air outside.

Protect Leather Seats: Both fabric and leather seats can take a beating in the winter but leather seats are under multiple attacks. Salt stains, fading from bright sunlight, moisture from snow and general wear can all affect your seats. Cold weather can also increase the chances of your leather seats cracking as the material is less pliable in frigid temperatures. With expert car detailing, your leather seats will be cleaned of stains and a conditioning solution can be applied to help keep them supple and looking nice throughout the season and beyond.

Freshen Fabric Seats: Fabric seats will benefit from odor elimination along with removing salt stains and reapplication of stain guard as needed. This can help to make your interior fabric last longer and be more comfortable.

Clean Carpet and Floor Mats: Winter is especially harsh on the floor of your car. During this season you are more likely to track in mud, snow, salt and other debris. This can make your floor look bad and wear out faster. With thorough mobile car detailing, the floor of your car will be restored to like-new condition. Maintaining this area of your car can help you avoid rips and tears which can lead to even bigger issues.

interior car cleaning

Benefits of Winter Mobile Car Detailing Vaughan

For many car owners, one of the biggest barriers to properly caring for their car is that they do not have the time to take their car in. With mobile auto detailing Vaughan car owners can have the convenience they need while also caring for their cars. Expect these advantages when you choose car detailing in Vaughan:

Convenience: With mobile auto detailing Vaughan customers get the ultimate in convenience. Our mobile car detailers will come to you and detail your car around your schedule.

Safety: During a cold winter, the last thing you want to do is get on the roads. Avoid traffic and poor weather by letting our professional car detailers come to you.

Easy Scheduling: unlike car detailers who only work out of brick and mortar location, mobile car detailing in Vaughan gives you extended hours to schedule your car detailing.

Affordability: Compared to traditional car detailing shops, mobile car detailing is often more affordable since overhead costs are typically lower for a mobile unit.

Quality: Mobile detailing provides the same and better quality for your car compared to traditional car detailing. Because of the ease of scheduling and the fact that a mobile unit is concentrating on your individual car only, you get great attention to detail – and isn’t that exactly what you want in a mobile car detailing? Vaughan area customers can expect their cars to shine even in the harshest winters.

Curb Appeal: We love our cars and we want them to look their best. Car detailing is the best way to accomplish this. Even on the snowiest and coldest days in winter, you can rely on your freshly detailed car to look shiny and new. With winter being such a difficult time, this might be one of the most valuable benefits.


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How to Wash Your Car in Winter After Mobile Car Detailing Vaughan

Car detailing goes a long way to getting your car sparkling clean but that look can start to fade quickly. To extend the benefits of your car detailing, you should wash your car in between detailing sessions. With the following tips you can reduce damage caused by harsh winter conditions, road salt and other factors by washing your car the right way.

Follow these tips for washing your car in winter:

Wash Your Car on Warmer Days: While warm days in winter may be in short supply, you should take the opportunity to wash your car whenever it reaches above 4°C. Ideally, you will do this at least every other week.  You should also aim to wash your car early in the day while the sun is up so it can dry more easily. Washing your car with this frequency will extend the benefits of your car detailings and make your car safer and more comfortable to drive.

Warm Your Car: If you can not wait until a warm day to wash your car, you can help stop ice from forming by turning up the heat in your car. This will give you a slight time advantage as it will slow the water from freezing.

Turn on Defrosters: Along with turning up the heat, you should also turn on the defrosters. This can save you a lot of trouble and frustration by keeping ice from forming on the windows.

Pressure Wash When Possible: Oftentimes washing your car at a self-service car wash is the most effective option. The pressure washing hose can help you blast away salt and clean your tires quickly.

Use Baking Soda: If you can not get to a car wash, a paste of water and baking soda can help you clean stubborn areas including salt stains. Make sure to wash away this solution completely.

Choose Cloths and Soap Meant for Cars: There is no shortage of anecdotal advice recommending plain shop cloths and generic detergent for washing a car, but these practices can often cause damage. Instead, strive to pick detergents and cloths that are specifically for washing your car. All too often coarse shop rags will have metal fibers that can scratch your surface and certain detergents will leave a greasy film.

Clean Your Wipers: Pay special attention to removing ice and other buildup around your wipers. There is a vent near your wipers where air flows into your car which allows your car to use the heat and defroster. A blockage in this area will affect your car’s ability to perform these functions so make sure it is clear.

Dry Your Car Thoroughly: While it is always a good idea to dry your car with cloth after a wash, it is an especially important safety measure in winter. Stray water can ice over locks, handles and other areas which will make them difficult to operate. You should also open and close your doors and locks several times to discourage ice from forming if there is water that is stuck.

How Often Should You Get Your Car Detailed and Cleaned in Winter?

car detailed

Detailing: For car detailing, Vaughan drivers should strive for once every four months. This means getting it done at the beginning of winter will keep your car set for the whole season. It can also be a good idea to time your auto detailing for after any event like an off-roading trip or trek through an area where your car is likely to pick up more dust, salt and debris.

Washing: However, you should also thoroughly clean your car in between detailings to ensure salt and mud do not get caked on. Do this at least once every other week following the guidelines listed above. This will make your car look nicer and extend the benefits of your car detailing. Vaughan drivers should also wash their car any time there is heavy snow and salt on the road. If the weather is not cooperating with your maintenance efforts, you should still take a cloth and spot clean areas where you see salt.

Schedule Your Mobile Car Detailing Vaughan

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Is It Worth Getting a Car Detailed?

Car Detailing

The short answer is yes, you should get your car detailed. Up until today, the most you have done with your vehicle is to wash it yourself or bring it to a car wash. Often neglected is the interior, which – you’d be surprised – is over 20 times dirtier than a smartphone. That alone should be more than enough to justify car detailing.

How filthy is the car interior?

  • 2,144% filthier than smartphones
  • 55% dirtier than keyboards

Keep in mind that a filthy car interior is one thing. But the more pressing concern is the presence of bacteria, including E. coli, Staphylococcus, and mold.

Car interior detailing cannot eliminate all the dirt, food crumbs, and bacteria. But it can help reduce the average number of bacteria per square centimeter (colony-forming units or CFU).

Essentially, professional car detailing services is a more precise or meticulous method of cleaning a vehicle. Every step of the way, it is done by hand with the use of tools. In this regard, you would want to have people who are highly-trained to detail your vehicle.

Why Should You Avail of Car Detailing Service?

There are more than a few reasons why you want to get your car detailed. First and foremost, regularly cleaning your vehicle is a part of maintenance and prevents damages in the future, such as foreign objects eating into the paint. Looking clean and fresh also provides the following benefits:

  1. In some estimates, you could increase the value of your car by up to 15% if you have it detailed first before putting up for sale.
  2. Applying a sealant or wax – a service provided and included even in cheap detailing services – protects the clear coat. Otherwise, dirt and other contaminants that damage this layer can attack the paint and eventually the metal causing rusting.
  3. The interior, which is not often cleaned, is home to a thriving community of germs and other microbes. Some studies, for example, suggests that there could be between 283 to 700 CFU (bacteria per square centimeter) in an average car. A public toilet, comparatively, averages 500.

What Does Car Detailing Include?

Unlike a typical car wash, a complete detailing service washes and cleans the entire car from the inside out. You can expect professional car detailers to use a variety of methods, special equipment, and cleaning agents to clean the vehicle. The goal is to make your car look as new as possible.

Every detailer would do things a little differently than others. They would also often offer various packages that include or exclude certain services at varying costs. In the past, you would have to drive your car to the car detailer. Mobile detailing, however, is becoming more popular.

Interior Car Detailing

The most neglected part of the car with regards to sanitation is the interior. Because of that, trained professionals spend most of their time cleaning this area. They would be using steam and vacuum cleaners, brushes, cleaning and disinfecting agents, and other tools to remove dust, dirt, stains, and other particles as well as microbes.

So, what happens in this stage?

Vacuum cleaning. The detailer would begin by removing debris the fastest way possible, vacuuming the trunk, compartments, seats, carpets, and other parts and areas.

Car Detailing

Scrubbing and brushing. This tedious task is one reason to engage the services of the pros. They can do a better job of removing stains on the carpets and mats.

Steam cleaning. Not all stains can be removed using a brush to scrub. The detailer would use steam to deal with the tough stains.

Leather cleaning. If you have leather inside your car, your detailer will use suitable cleaning agents to clean.

Glass cleaning. After finishing on the interior, the detailer would next clean the windows and windshield.

Deodorizing. The last thing detailers do is to spray deodorant so that your car would smell nice and clean. Ask if there are choices of scents.

For many people, the complexity of cleaning the interior is reason enough to seek the help of pros. They have the know-how, tools, and anything else needed and can do it faster and better than the average car owners.

Exterior Car Detailing

Car Detailing

After cleaning the interior, the car detailer would wash the exterior. So, in some ways, you can think of it as being the same as a regular car wash. Actually, they do more than that.

Wash and dry. Washing the car exterior begins with wetting and wiping the car body – including the glass and rims – with specialized products.

Paint claying. Any overspray, soap scum, contaminants, or residues can be removed by using a clay bar. This claying process is preparation for the next step.

Polishing. Claying makes the surface cleaner and smoother, which increases the effectiveness of polishing. In this step, the detailer buffs an abrasive compound, which removes a thin layer of clear coat to get rid of tiny swirls and scratches.

Sealing or waxing. The last step involves adding a sealant to protect the clear coat and make your car look shiny. Depending on the package or add ons, wax could be used – and there are plenty of options here too.


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Should You Choose Mobile Car Detailing Services?

By all means, yes. Why would you want to drive your car to a detailer when you can have one of them come to you?

If you live in or nearby Vaughan, Car Detailing provides you with these benefits:

Save time. After contacting and agreeing on the specific service, highly-trained professional detailers can come to your location, bringing all the equipment and materials needed. You no longer have to take your car to the detailer, which allows you to do other pressing tasks.

Save money. Back when mobile detailing was new, the costs were on the high side. That is no longer the case as prices are now extremely competitive. Again, think also of the time you saved and used productively instead of waiting idly.

Customized services. The packages offered are for convenience and works for most people. Should you require other services or customization, that is easily arranged.

Personalized service. A traditional car wash may have to work fast, especially when other people are waiting in line. Hurried work, as we all know, may lower the quality of work. That is less likely to happen with mobile car detailing as the trained pros sent to you only have to deal with your car.

Scheduled visits. You can arrange to have scheduled visits, which may come with discounted pricing.

Car Detailing Is Worthwhile

Car Detailing

As you have learned, the interior is where up to 700 bacterias per square centimeter live. These pathogens are a potential cause of health problems. Moreover, the accumulation of dust, dirt, grimes, food crumbs, and others all degrade the resale value of your car. The paint, for example, could be damaged by contaminants, which leads to metal corrosion.

A typical car wash only cleans the vehicle exterior. To protect your investment, your best option is to have a car detailer clean and restore your car back to its pristine state. You do not even have to waste time bringing your vehicle in and waiting for hours. Car Detailing can go to your location in and around Vaughan to take care of your prized vehicle.

Their trained professionals of Car Detailing Vaughan will bring all the necessary tools, cleaning, disinfecting, and detailing products. You only have to contact and discuss the options, make an appointment, and let them do their job at the anointed time and place.

Mobile car detailing, in a sense, is the hassle-free way of getting your car cleaned and detailed.