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Tips to Protect Your Car From the Sun and Heat

Tips to Protect Your Car From the Sun and Heat


It’s not a secret that extreme heat and the sun’s harmful rays can do a number on your vehicle – this applies to the car’s exterior and interior. The sun can have a number of damaging effects on your car. It can even affect the performance of your vehicle. Fortunately, there are some measures you can implement to ensure you don’t get burned. Check out these tips for protecting your car from the sun and heat.

Car Interior Protection

Park in the shade – the best way to protect your car from the sun on the hottest summer days is by parking in the shade. If you can avoid direct sunlight, you won’t have to worry about your dashboard cracking or splitting. If possible, crack your window open so the temperature inside the car doesn’t get too high.

Use a windshield sun protector – you’ve likely seen sun visors extended across the windshields of cars in the past. This is a great way to prevent sun damage while keeping your car cooler. These things unfold quite easily and make for an easy installation.

Wipe dash with a microfibre cloth – this ensures that dirt and dust won’t build up which can cause tiny scratches when wiped off. Regularly ensuring the dash is free of particles will keep it looking its best for years to come. You can even consider a low-gloss detailing solution to reduce glare and protect the dash.

Install seat covers – installing seat covers will not just help to keep your seats clean, it will also help to keep them cool.

Protect leather seats with a conditioner – heat and sun can really damage your car’s leather interior. It’s recommended to treat your leather interior with a leather conditioner to help preserve the material.

Car Exterior Protection

Wash and dry often – extreme heat combined with the sun can cause your car’s paint to crack and fade. To remedy this, you should regularly wash and hand dry your automobile to remove any dust and dirt particles that can cause micro scratches.

Wax your car – another great way to protect your vehicle’s paint is with a nice layer of wax. Waxing your car on a regular basis, especially during the hottest days of summer, is a great way to keep the coat shiny and looking brand new. 

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Check tire pressure – it’s important to pay attention to your car manufacturer’s recommendations for tire pressure, and check often, especially in the summer months. Tires that aren’t adequately inflated can blow when driving on extremely hot pavement.


Under the hood

Cooling system – it’s important to regularly check the belts and fluid levels of antifreeze and coolant. Check your owner’s manual for advice on how often to change the fluids.

Fluids – the likelihood of running into an overheating issue increases significantly when your fluid levels are below the suggested levels. It’s important to regularly monitor brake fluid, power steering fluid, motor oil, and transmission fluid. If any are low, consult your owner’s manual for recommendations on brands and types.

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Battery – it’s a good idea to have your car’s battery checked regularly as excessive heat and regular usage of the air conditioning can put a major strain on the system. 

Air conditioning – if you are finding that it’s just not getting cool in your car despite the A/C blasting, check the refrigerant charge level. It may be low or this could be a sign of a bigger issue.

Contact the Pros

For more information on how to protect cars from heat or assistance with your vehicle, call the experts at RedFox Detailing because nobody wants to deal with sun damage on cars.

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