Most car owners get their car washed but many don’t get their car detailed and often mix up the two concepts! Both processes are very different but equally important. In this blog we’ll answer questions including: What is car detailing? What does car detailing include? And why is interior car detailing so important?

What Is Car Detailing?


Car washes remove all the grime and dirt that gathers on the vehicle’s exterior, including the underside of your vehicle. This is especially important during the winter months in Canada because salt build-up can severely damage your car.

With car detailing, however, the idea is to restore your vehicle’s interior to nearly new condition. If you hire the right car detailer, it should be sparkling and even give off that highly sought-after ‘new car smell”. It’s always a good investment to seek professional car detailing because the experts use special tools and cleaners to get the job done right.

What Does Car Detailing Include?

So what’s in your professional automobile detailing tool kit? Essential items include vacuums, steam cleaners and brushes. Using a combination of these helps you achieve the deep clean you desire and something you can’t do at home in your driveway with an old shop vac.

Dust and Dirt: Yes, it all starts with vacuuming. Every inch of the car gets the treatment including the trunk, seats, carpet, cupholders and even your glove box.

Upholstery, Mats and Carpets: This is one of the hardest parts of car detailing that you want to hire a professional for. There will be lots of scrubbing, brushing and steam cleaning to get any stains that have settled deep into these porous surfaces.

Wipe Down: Every hard surface including plastics, vinyl, leathers, glass, metal and wood will get a thorough cleansing.

Fresh Scent: Remember that new car smell we talked about? We use a special spray that makes everything smell like new. However, if you have a sensitive nose, just let us know ahead of time and we’ll skip this step—your car will smell amazing regardless!

Exterior Detailing: Yes a car wash is necessary, but getting your exterior detailed can bring the look of your vehicle to the next level. We will take the time to clean your rims and tires as well as all those cracks and crevices on the edge of your windows that a normal car wash might miss.

Benefits of Car Detailing

There are three main benefits to car detailing for you to consider:

Good For Your Wallet: Taking extra good care of your car’s interior and exterior cleanliness will ensure that your upholstery, car mats and other accessories stay in top shape and don’t need to be replaced.

Good For Your Health: Without regular cleaning, your vehicle can become a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and poor air quality. You deserve better!

Looks Good On You: If you use your vehicle for a ride share, this is a must! A professionally detailed car will lead to higher ratings, and more importantly, better tips! Also, if you ever have to give a co-worker a ride somewhere, you want to leave a good impression.

Professional car detailing is always a worthwhile investment and the experts at RedFox Detailing provide the most value and the highest standards of customer service. We offer full interior detailing, exterior detailing and even engine detailing for the most thorough car detailing services in Toronto and North York. Contact us now to book your appointment!

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