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What is the Average Price to Get a Car Detailed? 

What is the Average Price to Get a Car Detailed? 

Average car detailing prices in Canada can vary depending on several factors. The city you are in, the services you have added on and how much dirt build up is on your car all affect price. Most importantly, the size and type of your car will factor in. A general range can be anywhere from around $100 to around $250. This range encompasses most car types and services.

Here we will take a closer look at what affects price and what services are included in interior, exterior and add-on packages.

Bottomline:  Car detailing will average around $160 for interior and exterior detailing on a sedan. Vans, large SUVs and other larger vehicles will be around $200. Regular detailing can help to retain resale value of your vehicle and make for a cleaner, more enjoyable driving experience as well.

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What Affects the Average Price to Get a Car Detailed?

Here are the important facts:

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Car Size

Car size is the biggest factor affecting the price of car detailing. A small two-door coupe will take far less time and resources to clean than a large SUV or even a sedan which is why the cost is higher.

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Condition of Car

For the most part, cars will be priced based on size. However, if you have a car with excessive dirt or wear inside or out, this may require a premium cost. If, for example, you have recently taken your car off-roading and it is now caked in mud, you may want to give it a quick rinse prior to bringing it in for detailing.

Since car detailing is done by hand, excessive mud like this is sometimes best removed with a quick car wash before bringing it in. Car detailing will be able to remove all the excess dirt in small crevices that the car wash was not able to.

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Package Details

You can choose to get either your interior, exterior or both detailed. It is, however, often best to get them detailed at the same time. This will help you avoid making a second appointment.

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Potential add-ons include engine detailing, odor removal and pet hair removal.  Each of these may include a small extra fee but are often worth it. Professional detailing can remove some of the most stubborn smells and matted pet hair.

Engine detailing includes cleaning and degreasing your engine which makes it easier to spot broken and worn parts. Removing grease from belts can also help them last longer.

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Often mobile car detailing solutions are more cost effective compared to car detailing services that you bring your vehicle to. Mobile detailers come to you with all needed supplies with them. This makes detailing convenient for almost any schedule.

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What is Included in Car Detailing?

  • Interior Car Detailing: Interior car detailing includes everything you need to get the inside of your car fresh, clean and more comfortable to drive. This includes:
    • Carpet Vacuuming: Both carpets and mats are deep cleaned to remove ground in dirt and debris.
    • Odor Removal/Ozonation: Instead of synthetic scents that mask odor, ozonation removes the odors with the help of oxygenated water.
    • Upholstery Cleaning: Fabric upholstery is vacuumed and cleaned to gently, but thoroughly remove dirt and odors.
    • Leather detailing: Leather upholstery is thoroughly detailed before a protective spray is applied to guard against UV rays.
    • Vinyl and Plastic Detailing: Doors, dashboard and your console are thoroughly cleaned before UV protection is applied.
    • Trunk/Cargo Detailing: This often overlooked area of your vehicle is vacuumed and shampooed.
  • Exterior Car Detailing: Exterior car detailing can restore your vehicle to a like new shine while also removing small imperfections. This includes:
    • Wash and Polish: Your car is hand washed and detailed before a wax or polish is applied for added shine and protection.
    • Small Scratch and Dent Removal: Small, superficial scratches are buffed away during the cleaning process. Dents that are small enough to be removed without being repainted are also removed.
    • Trim and Headlights: Your head and tail lights along with metal trim are all cleaned and polished by hand. A protective coating will also be applied.
    • Undercarriage, Wheels Etc: Perhaps one of the most important parts of detailing, all of the parts under your car are given attention. This includes wheel wells, splash guards, fenders and more.
  • Engine Detailing: This is often an add-on service that can really be worth the time and money. With engine detailing, your engine is treated with a degreaser which removes built up grease and dirt. Then a protective coating is applied to key plastic, silicone and rubber parts. Engine detailing can make it easier to spot and fix things like damaged or worn belts.
  • Pet Hair Removal: Another possible add-on item, pet hair removal will remove even the most stubborn, matted fur on your car’s interior.

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Why Do you Need Car Washes and Detailing?

When looking for ways to keep your car clean and well maintained, a car wash may seem like the best choice. However, while a car wash can get your car looking cleaner, it includes far fewer services than detailing. Here are key differences between the two.

Car Wash: When you take your car to a car wash, your vehicle will be washed with brushes. It may also be sprayed with a polish and then, often, will be hand dried at the end. Some car washes may also offer interior services like floor mat vacuuming. In general, you can expect to pay between $20 and $50 depending on the services you choose. You may pay slightly more if you have a large van or truck.

Car Detailing: With car detailing, everything is done by hand. Like the name implies, this means a much greater attention to detail. Tires cleaning, upholstery detailing, and even small dent removal are all part of detailing. Even cars that have built up dirt and grime in the smallest crevices, can be transformed by car detailing.

Why You Need Both: Standard car washes keep your car clean, are affordable and usually take less time than most lunch breaks. This makes them convenient to get done on a regular basis. Detailing, which is more expensive and takes considerably longer, can be done less frequently. Detailing gets all the areas that washing does not and also removes the light swirl marks that are often left behind from car wash brushes.

Is Car Detailing Worth the Price?

Absolutely. While car detailing may not be quite as essential to car maintenance as something like an oil change, it can have a significant impact on your retained resale value and the overall comfort of your car. It may even save you money by catching problems before they start.

Benefits of Car Detailing

Car detailing is worth the price for several reasons, including:

  • Resale Value: A clean, well-maintained car will always be easier to sell. Even if you have never had your car detailed, you should have it done before trying to sell your car. Detailing will not only make your look nicer, it will also make the interior smell fresh and clean while also removing small imperfections from the body of the car.
  • Driving Comfort: Thorough cleaning of your car’s interior will remove all the ground in dirt that gets trapped in small crevices and in your upholstery. Your car will smell better and the cleaning may also remove allergens in the upholstery and carpet.
  • Finding Problems Early: Detailing services will often reveal small problems with your car before they become bigger and more expensive problems. For example, dents will be found and repaired before they encourage the formation of rust. Slightly low tire pressure may also be found before you experience a flat while driving. If you get your engine detailed as well, this is another opportunity for your car detailer to find any issues with worn out belts and other parts.
  • UV Protection: A UV protectant is used on the vinyl, plastic and leather components of your car. This will keep these areas from cracking and fading due to sun rays.

How Often Should You Get Your Car Detailed?

Car detailing, for most cars should be done about twice a year. However, if you are like many car owners and you use your car as a place to eat, drink and transport pets and children, you may find that your busy life means your car needs more frequent detailing.

Similarly, if you tend to drive on muddy roads frequently, you may also benefit from detailing more often. On the other hand, if you do not use your car that frequently and keep it clean, detailing once a year can be sufficient.

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When to Get Your Car Detailed

Car detailing can be done at any time but it is often best done in these scenarios:

Before Bad Weather: Getting your car detailed before winter is another way to ensure your vehicle is ready for snowy, cold weather.

Before Selling: If you plan to sell your car or your lease is ending, car detailing can help your resale value.

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Get Your Car Detailed Now

The best time to get your car detailed is now. Car Detailing North York and Toronto is the easy, convenient way to get your car detailed. Our mobile unit comes to your home or business for car detailing that fits your schedule. Make your appointment now by calling 416-650-5483.

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