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Ceramic Coating vs Glass Coating

Ceramic Coating vs Glass Coating

Ceramic Coating vs Glass Coating

In Canada, every car owner knows that our harsh climate takes a toll on your vehicle. Over time, all that dust, dirt, salt, and snow will affect the appearance of your car. That means you’ll be paying more for repairs and watching the value of your vehicle plummet. The solution is simple: A protective layer over the exterior can deflect harmful particles and preserve your paint job for years to come.

Between the wicked winters and the blazing summers, car coatings are a no-brainer for every driver in the GTA. At RedFox Detailing, we offer two of the most popular options, which are glass and ceramic coatings. But which one is right for you? Here’s everything you need to know:

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What Is Glass Coating?

The scientific name for a glass coating is SiO2, or silicon dioxide, which is the main element used to make glass. Glass coatings don’t adhere directly to the paint. An additional resin is used to keep the glass coating perfectly applied to your car’s exterior. One downside of a glass coating is that because of this bonding process, it does not stand up as well to wear and tear as the weeks go on and you could even notice that some hairline fractures will start to appear.

Glass coating
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What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings give car owners a great combo of protection and a shine that will turn heads wherever you drive. Also known as SiC, ceramic coatings are made from silicon and carbon. No additional bonding material is needed here because the ceramic coating reacts to the car’s paint, adhering directly to the surface of your vehicle. Ceramic coatings are known to be better defenders against the natural elements, thus lasting significantly longer before any touch-ups or repairs are required.

car ceramic coating

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What They Have in Common

Aside from the bonding process, as mentioned earlier in the article, the composition of both ceramic and glass coatings is essentially the same. However, while a similar formula is used to create each substance, the main difference comes in at the arrangement of elements on an atomic level. But at the end of the day, ceramic and glass coatings will each make a fine protective barrier around your vehicle’s paint job. Remember that nothing lasts forever. Both coatings definitely require re-application, as your exterior coating expert will advise you along the way.

glass coating and ceramic coating

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Benefits of Glass Coating

If you are considering a glass coating, there are several benefits over ceramic coatings, including higher resistance to water spots. Glass coatings also defend your vehicle better from harmful UV rays and harsh chemicals. Glass is considered the more refined choice between coatings because of its sharp-looking matte finish.

glass coating RedFox Car Detailing

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Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Car owners love ceramic coatings because of the smooth finish and they tend to repel water much better. Another bonus feature is ceramic’s amazing self-cleaning properties.

car ceramic coating RedFox Car Detailing

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Which Coating is Better?

People tend to prefer ceramic coating for several reasons, but a major factor is simply pricing. It’s generally cheaper than a glass coating but still performs very well in protecting your vehicle from the elements.

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How Long Does Glass Coating Last?

It depends on how much you’re driving the car and the conditions you’re navigating through, but glass coatings are more expensive and generally last for just a few months.

professional car detailing

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How Long Does a Ceramic Coating Last?

Ceramic coatings are the more durable option when it comes to lifespan and will stay strong from 6 to 8 months. This is great because not only will you save money by going with ceramic, but you only need to make two trips a year to RedFox Detailing to keep your car looking its best.

car ceramic coating


Call Us Today!

Drivers across the GTA prefer RedFox Detailing for all of their ceramic coating and glass coating needs. Our talented teams are highly trained and fully certified to work on every make and type of vehicle, even high-end luxury models.

Getting the coating perfectly applied to your vehicle requires experienced hands and a commitment to quality. Our car coating professionals ensure that every speck of dust and dirt is removed from your vehicle so your chosen coating bonds like it’s supposed to. We take great care to ensure that your car is never damaged during this delicate process.

No matter what coating you choose, you and your car are in great hands with RedFox Detailing. Call 416-650-5483 or email us today for a free consultation. We’re excited to inform you about our various coating packages for every budget.


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