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Solved! How Do You Get Poop out Of Cloth Car Seats?

Solved! How Do You Get Poop out Of Cloth Car Seats?

Solved! How Do You Get Poop out Of Cloth Car Seats?

Life is far more enjoyable with a companion by your side, but cleaning up after a pet can be a chore. Especially if Fido or Sparky had an accident in your vehicle and pooped in the car. Fortunately, if you’re wondering how to get the poop smell out of your car seat, RedFox Detailing is here to help.

There are a number of ways to treat odor, stains, and poop in the car seat of your vehicle. Some methods can be implemented with some basic ingredients around the house, while other practices could require a shopping trip.

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How to Remove Pee Stains out Of Car Seat

One tried and true way to treat pet stains in your car suggests mixing one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and one tablespoon of white vinegar with two cups and warm water. Take a clean, white cloth and begin dabbing the stain with the solution and blot the area until it is absorbed. Next, to tackle the smell, place a container in the vehicle with one of the following deodorizers – baking soda, white vinegar, activated charcoal, or coffee grounds. You can even sprinkle baking soda directly onto the upholstery and vacuum it off the following day.

how to get poop smell out of car seat
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How to Get Poop Out of Car Seat

If you’re dealing with a fabric that is prone to staining, it is recommended to initially treat it with cold water to avoid the stain from setting in. Remove as much of the dog poop as possible, and clean as soon as possible, as that drastically decreases the chance of staining.

The proper cleaning method also depends on what type of mess you’re dealing with. If it’s solid matter, use a plastic scraper and dustpan to remove as much as possible. But remember to be delicate because scraping too hard can further embed the fecal matter deeper into the material.

how to remove feces odor from car seat

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Cleaning and Disinfecting

If your pooch has gotten into some food it shouldn’t have, then the potential for a disastrous mess increases. If this happens to be a situation you find yourself in, remove any solid mess you can and sprinkle baking soda on what remains, until dry, as this will assist in absorbing liquid. Once dry, scrape away and vacuum the area to remove any remaining feces or powder. Next, take a damp cloth and dab the stained area to further absorb particles. Dab and rotate the cloth over the area, do not scrub.

You could also choose to use a pet enzyme cleaner to assist in removing the stain – if this is the path you take, make sure to follow the instructions on the package.

Next up is the disinfecting portion of the cleaning process. It is recommended that you use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to disinfect the area around the stain. It is always encouraged to apply a small amount of this to an area of upholstery that is hidden before using it to treat the stain. Be conservative with the application and remove any excess with a paper towel.

how to get dog pee out of car seat

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How to Remove Feces Odor from Car Seat

Once you’re finished cleaning and disinfecting the stain and surrounding area, the focus needs to shift to how to remove feces odor from your car seat as lingering smells can wreak havoc for motorists. It is recommended that you air out the car as much as possible as this practice will help with the smell and the drying process. If the odor still persists you can try treating the stain once again with baking soda and leaving it overnight. Vacuum up the powder the following day and consider repeating this approach a handful of times to completely rid your car of the smell.

One of the most important things to remember about cleaning pet accidents that occur in your vehicle is that the longer you leave it, the deeper the stain will seep into the material. Act sooner than later. Older stains will have to be cleaned several times and might require soaking in order to effectively remove the deeper particles.

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Preventing an Accident

If your pet is accident-prone, it might be wise to apply an upholstery protector when going for trips in the car. A car seat protector is an effective shield between your seat and your pet and is far easier to clean. All the dirt, snow, salt, mud, and grime that your dog always seems to find will be caught by this useful device – and you might even be able to find some that are washing machine friendly. There are also several different seat covers you can consider using, based on your dog’s behavior. It also depends on how you travel with your pup – whether it be via travel create, harness, or if they are able to roam freely. Fortunately, waterproof seat covers for the front passenger, rear, or cargo areas all work great. When it does come time to wash your seat protectors, start by removing any larger pieces of dirt or grime. Next, wash in cold water on a gentle cycle before drying on low heat. You might have to reshape the cover after it dries in order to reinstall it in your car.

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Useful Tips

Lastly, the following are a few reminders to consider to keep your vehicle cleaner, longer.

  • Clean your seats after every trip – sure this seems daunting but if you get into the habit of cleaning your seats after every trip with your dog, then the less fur, drool, crumbs, or grime that can build up.
  • It would also be a good idea to keep a cleaning kit in your car. A collection of spray, water bottles, towels, and a scrubbing brush will allow you to tackle most dog-related stains rather effectively.
  • Also, consider wiping down and toweling off your dog after each adventure to minimize any dirt or grime from entering the vehicle. Clean, dry, washable, and water-absorbent towels work great in this situation.
  • A good way to increase airflow throughout your vehicle is by cracking the windows when parked, which will help dissipate unwanted odors.

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